10 Creative Sponsorship Ideas

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10 Creative Sponsorship Ideas

10 Creative Sponsorship Ideas

With new and creative ideas for sponsorship your event is revolutionary and original, which will set your guests the perfect context. When the partners fund an event, designing and engaging with attendants is still more important because simply branding and giving causes a breakdown instead of adding actual concrete meaning.
The use of social media and the Internet makes it difficult to “wave” to people, but if you connect with them or send them something they’ve never seen before, they are more likely to notice you. There are 10 innovative sponsorship suggestions here that will help the supporters remember their brand and increase their investment.

Social Media

A simple but extremely effective way to promote your sponsors is to display them with a banner ad on your website and on a Facebook page of your case, or on your Twitter photo profile cover slots, you can give sponsors a room. A great deal has been said on the merit of creating a presence in social media, especially for every kind of event. Those who attend can make your event succeed even before the event commences through groups, threads, hashtags, and other avenues. Sponsors want to participate in social media events that are absolute winners and when you show the excitement and buzz in the social media world around the event, event sponsors flock to your banner.


The event catering service and menus can be covered by your event sponsors. Where you can provide catering to local as well as international events to promote yourself.

Live streaming

Do not just restrict yourself to the event itself, the internet is a huge tool and many people would lose tickets online or couldn’t be there physically. It can be a huge hit and help future competitors feel like you did not forget about it if they have endorsed live streaming (or even live tweeting or notifications from the competition). By doing this it provides a perfect way to extend the supporter scope and brand recognition for individuals who may not be willing to engage in activities in person but are happy to follow on-line.
The trick to streaming is to stick to it and verify both to ensure that you fix technological issues before the case, because it will make a negative impact if it goes wrong.


Wi-Fi is a must for certain activities, whether you choose to invite people to join in your social media event or in live chat or panels. On the event brochure, on the event app, or around the event, the sponsors will display their logo. Another perfect chance for branding, as well as access to the sponsors website is a Wi-Fi network splash. Social networking postings, live streaming and all manner of online experiences would encourage you to make the event public. Sponsors will benefit from the incorporation of such messages, hashtags, and enjoyable publicity.

Game Lounge

Lounges for games are becoming more popular which It encourages networking and socialization among participants and provides sponsors with the ability for a fun time to participate. Table tennis and casino games and all allow sponsors to present branded prizes. Their games offer tensions and table hockey tournaments. You could also have a peaceful place to enjoy old-school board games or giant Jenga or Chess versions. Toss your best friend’s basement chamber in the best possible sense with some bean baker’s chairs around the room.

Digital Apps

Regardless of the scale of the gathering, an event app is a must to provide the guests with a customized experience. Tech-knowledgeable participants and advertisers will be delighted to provide them because of the granular details they provide to your audience.
By digitalizing all events, planners will make life much simpler for themselves as event Software that can allow users to register and access event information can be incredibly helpful. Sponsors will be able to be an important part of this function because Sponsor ads can be kept in the event app by event promoters. The event sponsors could also illustrate the social media accounts, with memoranda and event alerts. It is far safer than dropping the event’s sponsors unexpectedly. The event sponsors should build an organic development plan for the event’s sponsors.


When promoting an event, sponsors like to partner with charities. For example, you can select ‘sponsor’ animals or land for conversations with wildlife, and you may host a funded charity drive. This notion of sponsorship can also be paired with the craft to make participants truly believe they are associated with a positive cause.

Booth for Photos

Like an ancient photo stand, social photo booths encourage people to take selfies but also allow the users to make loop videos and GIFs and publish them online directly. If your event hashtags are combined with images, the participants will share some of the powerful social content. With a social photo booth, it can be much better.

Short Games

Looking for a memorable and experiential way to get the sponsors to the audience? Suggest sponsors to give the participants (as cupcakes or T-shirts) a valuable or interesting reward for which they are able to perform an exercise such as squats and hashtags. Think rendering the enterprise a race or a scavenger hunt that expands during the festival to maximize attendance.

Branded Staff

Forget the products, have workers and members sporting branded products at the event (t-shirts, suits, bags etc.) Through a physical appearance it is easy to make your brand human and encourage people to interact and ask questions about their new samples. For example, employees at Apple often wear branded t-shirts that display how helpful their company brand is that reflect its products and company culture and help to coordinate events. Staff may represent the brand value as relevant as the individual goods and create a feel for the participants.


There are infinite opportunities – no barriers to imagination! Whatever sponsorship or branding has been the most amazing you have seen? Here, or on our Conserve Facebook pages, Twitter or Instagram, we look forward to sharing ideas with you!

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