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About Us

It goes without saying, big events need sponsors. Event hosts need funds, companies need exposure and sponsorships create the perfect opportunity for this. Now, the process in securing these partnerships has just become a lot easier for both the host and the sponsor.

As a host, who do you approach? How do you approach them? What partnerships do you secure? As a sponsor, what events suit your brand? What events is your market attending? In which ways can you sponsor these events?

We’ve seen the gap, we’ve done our research and as a result, we’ve launched Event Sponsor, an online marketplace platform connecting sponsor and host at the click of a button to create mutually beneficial opportunities for both parties.

With experience in both areas, Event Sponsor caters for both the event host and event sponsor with the visibility, knowledge, tools and platform to match the right sponsors with the right events, creating a win/win for everyone.

Event Hosts

For the event host, we give you a platform to expose your events in order to attract and secure sponsorship opportunities. The publishing of your event is free and easy to manage online.

It’s a simple process of uploading your event with as much detail as possible, connecting with sponsors, and securing new partnerships.

Tell prospective sponsors who you are, what you do, what your event is about, what they can expect and who they can reach by becoming a sponsor.

Event Sponsors

For the event sponsor, we give you a platform to search for events to sponsor in order for opportunities to engage with your prospective customers and target market.

It’s a simple process of searching for the right event via our categories and keywords, connecting with hosts, and securing new partnerships.

As a sponsor, the benefits to you are powerful, giving you the opportunity to effectively reach your target audience, put your brand right in front of them and engage with them in a valuable way.

There are a wide variety of event categories to choose from including corporate, entertainment, seminars, expos, fundraisers, trade shows and sports, to name a few, ensuring you find an event that is a perfect fit for your brand and objective.

Social Media Exposure

Over and above our online marketplace platform, Event Sponsor gives both sponsors and hosts the opportunity to boost exposure on our social media platforms to a local and global audience.

At Event Sponsor, our aim is simple: to make the search for host and sponsor a success. Connect with us and allow us to connect you with each other to create these beneficial partnerships.